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Two Easy Activities to Prevent Global Warming

Issues of Global Warming seems more rarely appeared on Indonesian television broadcasts. It seems that global warming is just a momentary trend, but even though television rarely warn about the dangers of global warming, still we must behave towards the earth. A few months earlier I had written Do not worry about global warming! Care about the earth! But I do not know whether when global warming began to receive less attention, whether automatically reduced concern for the earth too? Of course they are all different variables.

I suspect, do-do when global warming is over (resolved) concern for the earth ended. Here I try to think well be that all people who care about global warming is also concerned about the earth. Do not get when people stop global warming even more crazy in doing illegal logging.

Why do I give the title two simple activities to prevent global warming? Why not two activities concerned with the earth? This is because global warming is more popular word in Google, if I wear the title of the later writings which I rarely read donk: oops:. Immediately, the two activities to prevent global warming, rampant on this beloved earth.

Vegetables Do Disposable! Eat it!
Eat more vegetables in addition to vegetables containing high anti-oxidants are good for health, vegetables can indirectly help prevent global warming.

Interesting facts and arguments put forward by Larry West that by eating less meat and more vegetables will preserve the environment more than he thought. According to West, eating meat, and eggs trigger further global warming, because the kinds of livestock for food will cause more greenhouse gas emissions rather than by planting vegetables. Reports in 2006 from the University of Chicago, said that having a healthy diet by eating more vegetables will be more effective in reducing global warming, compared to replacing a car with a hybrid car (Larry West).
Just as that I have never been sick with a fever or flu during the last 10 months, which I did only add the vegetables in my diet and ate vegetables until it runs out every meal. Want to know what the most vegetables I eat? Vegetable magic was cassava leaves.
Prevent Family Members and Friends Gratuitous Garbage Disposal
Start from the nearest person, because they usually pay more attention than if that prevents the other person. Yes! Avoid family members ranging from child, brother, sister, brother, mother, father, uncle, aunt, grandfather, and grandmother if they are going to remove litter, but if you are already discarded trash pick up and dispose of it should be, surely goodness like this the attention of the concerned. So also with friends, prevent it, they will pay more attention.
We recommend that you do not have to prevent or reprimand someone else who is not known if he wanted to littering because he might be offended and angry. If you really care about, pick up garbage that has been his throw and put it into the trash, it will be more effective because, if he saw, he would have been aware and ashamed of littering.

That is all the activities that can prevent global warming, rampant in our lives on this earth. Be aware ..

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